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New to myJacksonCounty? We’ll help you quickly pay property taxes, schedule payments, find receipts, and more.

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  • Pay a Jackson County Property Tax Bill plus-icon minus-icon

    Once you have found and linked your property, you can begin completing the payment from the conversation by clicking Pay Bills. Alternatively, if you already have your property linked to your account, you can start this process from your dashboar...
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  • Pay Multiple Tax Bills at One Time plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! There are several ways to pay multiple bills in one transaction. Pay Immediately After Linking to the Property Accounts Pay from the Dashboard _________________________________________________________________   Pay Immediately After Linking...
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  • Link Multiple Property Accounts on myJacksonCounty plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! On myJacksonCounty, you can link and pay as many property accounts as you need in a single transaction. Follow the steps below to add multiple properties to your account and pay for them in a single transaction.     To link properties for the...
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  • How/when will I get my receipt? plus-icon minus-icon

    When you have completed your property tax payment on myJacksonCounty, you will be sent a payment confirmation email letting you know that your transaction has been received. You will receive a second email containing your official receipt. All rec...
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