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  • Tax Payment Deadlines plus-icon minus-icon

    To save time and avoid crowds, automated phone and online payments are encouraged. To pay by phone call (816) 608-7332. To pay online, see Pay a Property Tax Bill on myJacksonCounty to get started.    Pay by Phone/Online Pay In-Person Pay by Mail ...
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  • Update Address Information with the County plus-icon minus-icon

    If your property is registered at an old address, please get in touch with the Jackson County Assessment Department for assistance: Email:  Personal Property Tax: (816) 881-1330 Real Property Tax : (816) 881-3530 You ca...
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  • Contact the Jackson County Assessment or Collection Department plus-icon minus-icon

    For questions about your Jackson County tax balance or if something doesn't look right with your bill, please contact the county directly. See their contact information below.    Assessment Department Email: assessment@jacksongov.orgPhone: (816) 8...
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  • Outstanding Balance is Paid by Mortgage Lender plus-icon minus-icon

    If you see there is an amount due for your real estate taxes on myJacksonCounty and your mortgage lender pays your property taxes through an escrow account, it is likely that your lender has not yet submitted a payment. Please contact your mortgag...
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